» Publikationen 2023
4. Februar 2023

Why standard electrokinetic analysis often fails for nanostructured electrodes – reviewing inhomogeneous electroactivity

P. Cignoni, N. Blanc, K. Tschulik
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry, 2023, 101225
23. Januar 2023

Tailoring pore size and catalytic activity in cobalt iron layered double hydroxides and spinels by microemulsion-assisted pH-controlled co-precipitation

Anna Rabe, Maximilian Jaugstetter, Felix Hiege, Nicolas Cosanne, Klaus Friedel Ortega, Julia Linnemann, Kristina Tschulik, and Malte Behrens
ChemSusChem, 2023, , e202202015
10. Januar 2023

SERS Reveals the Presence of Au–O–O–H and Enhanced Catalytic Activity of Electrochemically Dealloyed AgAu Nanoparticles

Graphical abstract. Copyright 2023 American Chemical SocietySteffen Murke, Kevin Wonner, Serena R. Alfarano, Christian Rurainsky, Paolo Cignoni, Kristina Tschulik, and Martina Havenith
J. Phys. Chem. C, 2023
9. Januar 2023

Atomic-Scale Insights into Morphological, Structural, and Compositional Evolution of CoOOH during Oxygen Evolution Reaction

Graphical abstract. Copyright ACS CatalysisChenglong Luan, Manuel Corva, Ulrich Hagemann, Hongcai Wang, Markus Heidelmann, Kristina Tschulik, Tong Li
ACS Catalysis, 2023, 13, 1400-1411
4. Januar 2023

Probing the Gold/Water Interface with Surface-Specific Spectroscopy

Stefan M. Piontek, Dennis Naujoks, Tadneem Tabassum, Mark J. DelloStritto, Maximilian Jaugstetter, Pouya Hosseini, Manuel Corva, Alfred Ludwig, Kristina Tschulik, Michael L. Klein, and Poul B. Petersen
ACS Phys. Chem Au, 2023, online