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Prof. Dr. Kristina Tschulik
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New publication
1. December 2018

Spannung im Dunkelfeld

Evers, Mathies V.; Wonner, Kevin; Tschulik, Kristina,
Nachrichten aus der Chemie, Vol. 66, 12, 2018
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New publication
6. November 2018

Interview ‘When a Nanoparticle Hits an Electrode’

Dr. Kate Lawrence, Editor of ChemElectroChem, talked to Kristina Tschulik about her recent article on nano impact experiments.
The interview is based on our new article “Nano Impact Electrochemistry: Effects of Electronic Filtering on Peak Height, Duration and Area” and can be found here.
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New publication
10. October 2018
Cover Picture in JACS. © ACS Publications

We’re on the cover of JACS

Our cover picture in the “Journal of the American Chemical Society” has been accepted and published. The cover picture is related to our paper “Simultaneous Opto- and Spectro-Electrochemistry: Reactions of Individual Nanoparticles Uncovered by Dark-Field Microscopy” and can be found here.
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25. September 2018

Electrochemistry 2018

Mathies and Mahsa at the Electrochemistry 2018 conference This week Mahsa, Mathies and Julia are in Ulm at the Electrochemistry 2018 conference of GDCH to present their latest results in nanoparticle research.
The conference topic is: “Electrochemical Surface Science: From Fundamentals to Applications”.
12. September 2018

Mathies wins poster award

Mathies wins one of the poster prizes of ISE 2018 1 out of 1150: We welcome back our ISE delegates and congratulate Mathies to the ISE poster award!
His poster about ‘Nanoreactor impact Experiments for Electrochemical Particle Deposition’ was awarded with one of the poster prizes. What a worthwhile trip to Bologna.
New publication
Cover Picture of ChemElectroChem. © Wiley Online Library

Cover Picture in ChemElectroChem

Cover picture & Cover profile!
Great news: We were invited for this month’s cover of ChemElectroChem. We’re particularly glad since this hosts a special issue highlighting the greatly emerging field of single entity electrochemistry.
Thanks to the guest editors Lane Baker, Yi-Tao Long and Pat Unwin for their initiative.
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6. September 2018

ISE 2018

Kevin, Julia, Mathies, Kristina, Saw, Kannasoot and Abdel are not only enjoing the scientific exchange in Bologna at the annual ISE meeting, they also follow the historic tracks of Luigi Galvani, but without harming any frogs.
NanoEC at the ISE 2018 Galvani statue in Bologna
3. September 2018

Conference time

Kristina Tschulik at the ISE Last week Markus visited the EDNANO 13 conference in Bristol – UK, to present his poster about AAO based nanowire deposition and listen to innovative presentations.
This week Kristina and several of our PhDs are at the 69th Annual ISE Meeting in Bologna – Italy to give talks and present their research on posters.
Kristina was awarded the “Early Career Analytical Electrochemistry Prize of ISE Division 1”.
New publication
3. August 2018

Nano Impact Electrochemistry: Effects of Electronic Filtering on Peak Height, Duration and Area

Kanokkanchana, Kannasoot; Saw, En Ning; Tschulik, Kristina
ChemElectroChem, 2018, Accepted manuscript
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17. July 2018

New PhD student

Maximilian JaugstetterWe welcome Maximilian Jaugstetter in the group who joins as a PhD student in the new Graduate School Confinement controlled chemistry.