Welcome to the chair of Electrochemistry & Nanoscale Materials – Analytical Chemistry II
Prof. Dr. Kristina Tschulik
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27. June 2024

NRW 2024 Innovation Congress

On the panel “Erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit – Wissens- und Technologietransfer in der Praxis” Kristina Tschulik, spokesperson for the SFB/Transregio 247 and director of the Start4Chem incubator, reported on successes and hurdles in the transfer from research to industry.


26. June 2024

ChemInnovation Summit

The first ChemInnovation Summit organised by Start4Chem took place in the Worldfactory Start-up Centre (WSC).

An engaging Gallery Walk featuring experts and partners from the chemistry ecosystem, 10 innovative start-up teams pitching for micro-subsidies, and plenty of networking formed a fantastic atmosphere.

22. May 2024

DESY 2024

Once again this year, our group members Andriana Loukovitou, Paolo Cignoni, Gabriel Boitel-Aullen, Johanna Angona and Luca Sicking traveled to the DESY in Hamburg to carry out SAXS measurements.

12. April 2024

Accompanying service of Ruhr-University Bochum

Anyone who feels unsafe or uncomfortable on the way to the parking garage, bicycle rack or bus stop on the campus of Ruhr University Bochum can request accompaniment from the accompanying service.

18. March 2024

Paolos defense

Paolo Cignoni has completed his doctorate with distinction and defended his thesis with flying colors. Congratulations to him!

22. February 2024

Start4Chem Chem Slam @RUB WORLDFACTORY

Two members of our group, Anas Akhtar and Christoph Kaiser, participated in the “Chem Slam – Science Slam for Chemists”, organized by Start4Chem in the RUB Makerspace @WORLDFACTORY.


19. December 2023

TeamEvent: Christmas Party @RUB WorldFactory

Our Christmas party this year took place at the RUB WorldFactory. We started creative in the MakerSpace, heard some lectures and finished together with a nice dinner…


New publication
21. November 2023
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Validating Electrochemical Active Surface Area Determination of Nanostructured Electrodes: Surface Oxide Reduction on AuPd Nanoparticles

Cignoni, P., Hosseini, P., Kaiser, C., Trost, O., Nettler, D., Trzebiatowski, L., Tschulik, K., Journal of The Electrochemical Society 2023, 1945-7111
In our new Journal of the Electrochemical Society publication, we describe a new approach to validate ECSA determination techniques to nanoparticles. We use this approach to determine correct experimental condition to investigate Au-Pd nanoparticles ECSA by surface oxide reduction.
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New publication
9. November 2023
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Impact of the Electrochemically Inert Furan Ring on the Oxidation of the Alcohol and Aldehyde Functional Group of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF)

Sobota, L., Bondue, C. J., Hosseini, P., Kaiser, C., Spallek, M., Tschulik, K., ChemElectroChem 2023, e202300151
In our new ChemElectroChem article, we use the example of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural to show how individual functional groups of organic molecules influence reactivity. The presence of a furan ring in a molecule increases the reactivity of aldehyde and alcohol oxidation by increasing the adsorption strength due to the ring. However, the activity of alcohols and aldehydes remains unaffected by a furan ring.
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7. October 2023

244th ECS Meeting

Our team at the 244th ECS Meeting Some of our group members at the 244th ECS Meeting. It was a week full of science exchange and fruitful electrochemical discussions. Our group contributed to the conference with poster and oral presentations.
21. September 2023

Measurements at DESY

Thais Schroeder Rossi, Paolo Cignoni, Andriana Loukovitou, Gabriel Boitel-Aullen and Luca Sicking at the German Electron Synchrotron DESY Our group members Thais Schroeder Rossi, Paolo Cignoni, Andriana Loukovitou, Gabriel Boitel-Aullen and Luca Sicking went to the German Electron Synchrotron DESY in Hamburg to perform SAXS measurements.
15. September 2023

Team Event: Picnic at river Ruhr

On September 14th 2023, the group hiked down from ZEMOS to the river ruhr and enjoyed a picnic feast with lots of international food. Some have been observer swimming, others playing spike ball or relaxing in the sun…
New publication
11. September 2023

Investigating the Influence of Treatments on Carbon Felts for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries

Schilling, Monja, Eifert, László, Köble, Kerstin, Jaugstetter, Maximilian, Bevilacqua, Nico, Fahy, Kieran F., Tschulik, Kristina, Bazylak, Aimy, Zeis, Roswitha,
ChemSusChem 2023, e202301063
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New publication
22. July 2023
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Electrochemical Aldehyde Oxidation at Gold Electrodes: gem-Diol, Non-Hydrated Aldehyde and Diolate as Electroactive Species

Bondue, Christoph Johannes, Spallek, Marius, Sobota, Lennart, Tschulik, Kristina, ChemSusChem 2023, e202300685
In our new ChemSusChem article, we identify the electroactive species of aldehydes. Next on the list: exploiting this to avoid the decomposition of aldehydes in the electrochemical upgrading of biomass.
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New publication
21. July 2023
Picture of the plasma treatment of the liquid and a sketch of the setups of the liquid diagnostics. The involved devices of the different liquid diagnostics are marked by different frames: solid: spectrophotometric approach using ammonium metavanadate; dashed: terephthalic acid dosimeter; and dashed-dotted: detection of chemiluminescence of luminol. iCCD, intensified charge-coupled device. LDLS, laser driven light source.

Validation of in-situ diagnostics for the detection of OH and H2O2 in liquids treated by a humid atmospheric pressure plasma jet

Schüttler, S., Jolmes, L., Jeß, E., Tschulik, K., Golda, J.
Plasma. Process Polym.2023, e2300079
Our first paper in collaboration with our colleagues from plasma physics: it really “sparks” when electrochemistry meets physics…
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