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12. April 2024

Accompanying service of Ruhr-University Bochum

Anyone who feels unsafe or uncomfortable on the way to the parking garage, bicycle rack or bus stop on the campus of Ruhr University Bochum can request accompaniment from the accompanying service.

22. February 2024

Start4Chem Chem Slam @RUB WORLDFACTORY

Two members of our group, Anas Akhtar and Christoph Kaiser, participated in the “Chem Slam – Science Slam for Chemists”, organized by Start4Chem in the RUB Makerspace @WORLDFACTORY.


19. December 2023

TeamEvent: Christmas Party @RUB WorldFactory

Our Christmas party this year took place at the RUB WorldFactory. We started creative in the MakerSpace, heard some lectures and finished together with a nice dinner…


21. November 2023

Validating Electrochemical Active Surface Area Determination of Nanostructured Electrodes: Surface Oxide Reduction on AuPd Nanoparticles

TOC graphic
9. November 2023

Impact of the Electrochemically Inert Furan Ring on the Oxidation of the Alcohol and Aldehyde Functional Group of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF)

TOC graphic
7. October 2023

244th ECS Meeting

Our team at the 244th ECS Meeting Some of our group members at the 244th ECS Meeting. It was a week full of science exchange and fruitful electrochemical discussions. Our group contributed to the conference with poster and oral presentations.
21. September 2023

Measurements at DESY

Thais Schroeder Rossi, Paolo Cignoni, Andriana Loukovitou, Gabriel Boitel-Aullen and Luca Sicking at the German Electron Synchrotron DESY Our group members Thais Schroeder Rossi, Paolo Cignoni, Andriana Loukovitou, Gabriel Boitel-Aullen and Luca Sicking went to the German Electron Synchrotron DESY in Hamburg to perform SAXS measurements.
15. September 2023

Team Event: Picnic at river Ruhr

On September 14th 2023, the group hiked down from ZEMOS to the river ruhr and enjoyed a picnic feast with lots of international food. Some have been observer swimming, others playing spike ball or relaxing in the sun…
11. September 2023

Investigating the Influence of Treatments on Carbon Felts for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries

22. July 2023

Electrochemical Aldehyde Oxidation at Gold Electrodes: gem-Diol, Non-Hydrated Aldehyde and Diolate as Electroactive Species

TOC graphic
21. July 2023

Validation of in-situ diagnostics for the detection of OH and H2O2 in liquids treated by a humid atmospheric pressure plasma jet

Picture of the plasma treatment of the liquid and a sketch of the setups of the liquid diagnostics. The involved devices of the different liquid diagnostics are marked by different frames: solid: spectrophotometric approach using ammonium metavanadate; dashed: terephthalic acid dosimeter; and dashed-dotted: detection of chemiluminescence of luminol. iCCD, intensified charge-coupled device. LDLS, laser driven light source.
12. May 2023

Poster award for Annika Just at ElecNano 2023

Photo of award receivers During the 10th ElecNano in Paris, the poster presented by Annika Just was awarded
8. May 2023

Team Event: Beachvolleyball

group photo after playing beachvolleyball The team enjoyed 2 hours intensive beachvolleyball…
24. February 2023

ACS Catalysis’ editors team just welcomed Prof. Dr. Kristina Tschulik!

© Kateryna Kon, Shutterstock What an amazing response on the news of Kristina’s appointment at as an editor of ACS Catalysis. Seems this will demand for some celebratory cake…

Check it out!
7. February 2023

International Press Article

Our research on oxidation catalysis in collaboration with the Pentcheva group from UDE caught the attention of international press.
Can you find the three mistakes they’ve added to the text??
Read the full article…
4. February 2023

International Press Article

© Kateryna Kon, Shutterstock Our research on gaining molecular insight into the electrical double layer caught the attention of international press.
Read the full article…
10. January 2023

Cubes outperform spheres as catalyst particles

Kristina Tschulik (left) and Hatem Amin are investigating nanoparticles as catalysts for green hydrogen. © RUB, Marquard The shape of nanoparticles is a decisive factor in their efficiency as catalysts for the production of green hydrogen.
Read the full article…
21. November 2022

PhD defense Niclas Blanc

Niclas Blanc PhD Defense We are happy to congratulate Niclas Blanc for having successfully passed his PhD. Niclas defended his thesis confidently and will now continue working in the group as a postdoc.
21. October 2022

Career Day at NanoEC: Opportunities Outside of Academia

Mathies' contribution to NanoEC Career Day Our alumni Mathies, Abdel and Saw gave really nice talks about their current positions outside of academia. The day was full of a great exchange of experience and opportunities of one-to-one chat with the speakers.
Abdel's contribution to NanoEC Career Day Saw's contribution to NanoEC Career Day
28. September 2022

RESOLV Klausurtagung 2022

2 out of the 3 poster prize awards of RESOLV Klausurtagung 2022 were from NanoEC: Thais Schroeder Rossi (1st place) and Christoph Bondü (3rd place). 2 out of the 3 poster prize awards of RESOLV Klausurtagung 2022 were from NanoEC: Thais Schroeder Rossi (1st place) and Christoph Bondü (3rd place).
23. September 2022

Measurements at DESY

Kevin Wonner, Thais Schroeder Rossi, Dean Nettler and Paolo Cignoni at the German Electron Synchrotron DESY Our group members Kevin Wonner, Thais Schroeder Rossi, Dean Nettler and Paolo Cignoni went to the German Electron Synchrotron DESY in Hamburg to perform SAXS measurements.
8. September 2022

PhD defence Kevin Wonner

Kevin Wonner PhD Defense Congratulations Kevin Wonner for having successful finished his PhD time with an excellent disputation.
11. August 2022

PhD defence Max Jaugstetter

Max J PhD defence Congratulations Maximilian Jaugstetter for having successful finished his PhD time with an excellent disputation.
12. June 2022

Presentation at the PowertoX Workshop

Kristina beim Powertox At the “PowertoX” workshop of the Hans-Riegel Foundation, Kristina Tschulik reported on new ways of green hydrogen production. Afterwards, interested people were able to visit our laboratories and find out about current research work in our group.
30. May 2022

Collaborative Research Center/Transregio SFB/TRR 247 extended by German Research Foundation for four years

© RUB, Marquard After a successful first funding phase, the Collaborative Research Center/Transregio SFB/TRR 247 entitled “Heterogeneous Oxidation Catalysis in the Liquid Phase” has now been extended by the German Research Foundation for another four years. In the second funding phase starting on 1st July 2022, Kristina Tschulik is the spokesperson of the SFB/TRR 247, with Prof. Dr. Stephan Schulz from the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) as co-spokesperson. Congratulations to all members!
You can find the full press release here.
27. January 2022

Operando electrochemical SERS monitors nanoparticle reactions by capping agent fingerprints

Graphical Abstract. Copyright 2022 Nano Research
18. January 2022

PhD defence Markus Kratz

Markus PhD defence Congratulations Markus for having successfully finished your PhD time with a great disputation.
9. December 2021

Dissertation Kannasoot

Kannasoot PhD defence Congratulations Dr. Kannasoot for having successful finished your PhD time with an excellent disputation.
15. October 2021

From Top-Level Science to Top-Level Business

Are you interested in the topic of starting a business and/or can see yourself taking an alternative career path?
Then the seminar “From Top-Level Science to Top-Level Business” from Start4Chem is the right choice for you.
You get the opportunity to work on your own ideas in interdisciplinary teams. We will provide you with the necessary tools and insights to bring your idea to life. We will give you access to the basics of entrepreneurial thinking and you will explore your own entrepreneurial potential.
The registration is open until the 25th october via e-campus.
See flyer for more details
6. October 2021

Mahnaz Dissertation

Mahnaz PhD defence We are happy to congratulate Mahnaz very warmly on successfully passing her doctoral exam. Mahnaz was able to defend her thesis confidently and will also stay in our group for a while.
23. September 2021

Congratulations Christian

Christians PhD defenceWe sincerely congratulate Christian on successfully defending his doctoral thesis and are pleased that he will now continue to support our team as a PostDoc.
20. September 2021

Welcome to our group

Welcome SheilaA warm welcome to Sheila Hernandez from the University of Burgos in Spain, who joins our team for a three-month research stay as part of her PhD studies.
15. September 2021

Outreach MINT TANK

Kristina talk MINT TANKKristina Tschulik gave a lecture today at the “MINT TANK” of the Dr. Hans Riegel-Akademie to inspire pupils and undergraduate students for the exciting research questions in the field of nanoparticles and catalysis in the environment of the CRC247 and the ERC Projekt MITICAT.
15. March 2021

Congratulations Zhibin

Congrats to Zhibin for his successful PhD defence Congratulations to Zhibin for having succefully finished his PhD. We wish you all the best for your future.
17. February 2021

Available PhD positions

The graduate school “Confinement-controlled Chemistry“ is looking for top-class graduate students (m/f/d) with an interest in exploring the influence of geometrical confinement on reactions. Twelve PhD positions with 19,91 hours/week E13 TV-L for 3 years are available in the fields of supra-molecular chemistry, synchroton X-ray spectroscopy, advanced vibrational spectroscopy, single molecule imaging, and free energy simulations.
For further details please refer to the website of confinement-controlled-chemistry.de or Stellenwerk Bochum
22. October 2020

Master courses in WS 20/21

Because of the current situation, this semster the lecture “Advanced Methods in Electroanalytical Chemistry I” takes place as digital lecture only.
You can find information about this in the moodle course.
Furthermore, we would like to draw your attention to the two Start4Chem master courses:
From top-level research to top-level business
Out of the chemistry lab and up to the escape room!
3. September 2020

Kristina Tschulik is selected for ERC Grant

We are very happy that our project “Microfluidic Tuning of Individual Nanoparticles to Understand and Improve Electrocatalysis” was selected for the Starting Grant of the European Research Council (ERC).
There is a (german only) article on the news.RUB site which gives a nice summary of the project and its contents and an english article on the RESOLV website.
Read the full article…
1. July 2020

Welcome Pouya

We are very happy that today Pouya H. Yazdeli joins our team for a postdoc position after doing his PhD at the university in Oldenburg.
6. May 2020

Kristina Tschulik has been elected into the NRW-Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts

Portrait picture Kristina TschulikWe are very happy to announce that Kristina Tschulik has been elected into the NRW-Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts. She was honored with this position in the division engineering and economics as one out of 15 outstanding scientists.

You can find the full article in German on the NEWS.RUB page.
1. May 2020

Julia Linnemann re-joins our Team

We warmly welcome Julia Linnemann at the NanoEC research group. She will establish a junior research group focusing on shape-dependent electrochemistry in the context of energy storage and conversion.
10. March 2020

Invitation to the 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

Kannasoot with his own developed device and software We are happy for Kannasoot who has been selected to attend this year’s 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.
Here, he will meet around 70 Nobel Laureates from interdiciplinary topics which matches very nicely his current research on merging engineering and scientific knowledge to develop fundamental tools for deeper understanding in single-entity electrochemistry.
19. February 2020

Team event: Escape room

Group picture in the escape-room This time our groupevent was in an escape room in the Bochum city-center. Luckily all teams managed to solve the riddles and could leave the rooms.
Team photo in the escape room Team photo in the escape room
11. December 2019

New EU Project

Kristina Tschulik, Tobias Vöpel und Nicolas Plumeré (von links) gehören zum Projektteam. © RUB, KramerGreat news: our joint EU project with the University of Maastricht, Garlock and Yookr has been granted. Looking forward to an exciting cooperation on the production of smart sensors for the process industry! Further information:news.RUB.de
6. December 2019

Congratulations Dr. Abdel

Congrats to Abdel for his successful PhD defenceCongratulations Dr. Abdel for having succefully finshed your PhD time with an excellent disputation.
3. December 2019

NanoEC christmas party

Group picture of the NanoEC christmas party Feuerzangenbowle We celebrated the end of the year with our traditional christmas party. Highlight of the evening was “Schrottwichteln” and the Feuerzangenbowle.
30. October 2019

Dissertation & Defence En Ning Saw

Congrats to Saw for his successful PhD defenceCongrats to En Ning Saw for his successful PhD defence. He is the first PhD student to finish his PhD in our group.
28. October 2019

Opening event Start4Chem

Start4Chem opening event At todays opening event for the new Start-Up center “Start4Chem” the center is introduced which is aimed to engage students of the Natural Sciences to also think along economic and entrepreneurial lines and to provide them with the practical tools needed to start a Start-Up.
Part of this is the lecture series “From top-level reseach to top-level business”.
A more detailed report can be found on the RESOLV site or (in german) on the NEWS-Site of RUB.
5. September 2019

Teambuilding event – beach volleyball

NanoEC teambuilding 2019 Because of the weather we had to change our teambuilding event from the planned canoeing trip to an afternoon in the beach-club. Here we played beach volleyball, dodgeball and badminton in the sand.
1. July 2019

Gordon Research Conference, Switzerland

Kevin at the Gordon Research Conference in Les Diablerets, Switzerland That’s what makes Gordon Conferences so special…
At the conference with the topic “New Perspectives of Nanostructured Devices and High-Resolution Characterization Techniques” in Switzerland, Kevin presented his research on a poster and Kristina gave her invited talk. In between the sessions there was time for coffee & discussion while enjoying the stunning view.
27. May 2019

ECHEMS meeting in Oléron

Kristina and Julia at the ECHEMS meetingLast week, Kristina and Julia traveled to the French island of Oléron to attend the 13th ECHEMS Meeting. Here, electrochemistry for symmetry breaking in molecules, materials and processes was discussed in the pleasant and personal atmosphere of a conference with 67 participants from 17 countries.
20. March 2019

PhD position – “Heterogeneous Oxidation Catalysis in the Liquid Phase”

We are looking for a PhD student / postgraduate researcher (m/f/d) for project A2 within the collaborative research Center Transregio 247 (SFB TRR 247) “Heterogeneous Oxidation Catalysis in the Liquid Phase”, which is funded by the German Research Foundation DFG.

Please find all information about the position and the application process on the project homepage.
27. February 2019

Two new RUB-News articles

Kristina Tschulik in RUB-News Twice we made it to the news page of our university this week.
In the articles “Silbernanopartikel – ein Problem für die Umwelt?” and “Den Star unter den Nanopartikeln finden” new results of our nanoparticle research are shown.
The articles are only available in german.
7. February 2019

Job vacancy: Two postdoctoral positions

As part of the FP-RESOMUS program, our group offers two postdoctoral positions focusing on “A novel spectro-electrochemical cell for VCD measurements: Chiral radical anions and their optical properties” and “Tracking charge transfer processes at nanoparticles by in situ electrochemical fluorescence and AFM”.
For conditions, description as well as applicant information, please refer to the project page.
1. February 2019

Job vacancy: “Early stage researcher opportunity”

As part of the SENTINEL program, our group offers a position as “early stage researcher” focusing on “Nanoscale Electrocatalysis with Nano Impacts”.
For conditions, description as well as applicant information, please refer to the job advertisement or the project page.
8. January 2019

New year – new people

Just in time for the start of the new year, we are pleased about the growth of our group.
We are pleased to welcome our new secretary Melanie Fabri, who will support us in the future with all administrative tasks. Furthermore, we are pleased about Jazlynn who visits us for a few months as an exchange scientist from the USA, about Andrii and Yaroslav who carry out their in-depth practicals with us and Maili who is doing a pupil internship in our group.
14. December 2018

Kevin Wonner recieves Wilke-Award

Congratulations to Kevin Wonner for receiving the Wilke-Award for Best Master’s Degree in 2018 in Chemistry. The prize was presented as part of the graduation ceremony 2018 on December 14th.
We are pleased that he now also starts his PhD in the working group.
25. September 2018

Electrochemistry 2018

Mathies and Mahsa at the Electrochemistry 2018 conference This week Mahsa, Mathies and Julia are in Ulm at the Electrochemistry 2018 conference of GDCH to present their latest results in nanoparticle research.
The conference topic is: “Electrochemical Surface Science: From Fundamentals to Applications”.
12. September 2018

Mathies wins poster award

Mathies wins one of the poster prizes of ISE 2018 1 out of 1150: We welcome back our ISE delegates and congratulate Mathies to the ISE poster award!
His poster about ‘Nanoreactor impact Experiments for Electrochemical Particle Deposition’ was awarded with one of the poster prizes. What a worthwhile trip to Bologna.
6. September 2018

ISE 2018

Kevin, Julia, Mathies, Kristina, Saw, Kannasoot and Abdel are not only enjoing the scientific exchange in Bologna at the annual ISE meeting, they also follow the historic tracks of Luigi Galvani, but without harming any frogs.
NanoEC at the ISE 2018 Galvani statue in Bologna
3. September 2018

Conference time

Kristina Tschulik at the ISE Last week Markus visited the EDNANO 13 conference in Bristol – UK, to present his poster about AAO based nanowire deposition and listen to innovative presentations.
This week Kristina and several of our PhDs are at the 69th Annual ISE Meeting in Bologna – Italy to give talks and present their research on posters.
Kristina was awarded the “Early Career Analytical Electrochemistry Prize of ISE Division 1”.
17. July 2018

New PhD student

Maximilian JaugstetterWe welcome Maximilian Jaugstetter in the group who joins as a PhD student in the new Graduate School Confinement controlled chemistry.
19. June 2018

We’re on the cover of Chemistry A European Journal

Our cover picture for “Chemistry A European Journal” has been accepted and published. The cover picture is related to our paper “Deciphering the Surface Composition and the Internal Structure of Alloyed Silver-Gold Nanoparticles” and can be found here.
1. June 2018

Inauguration of Kristina Tschulik

Prof. Dr. Kristina Tschulik has been inaugurated as a full professor today. With this she becomes chairholder of the new chair of “Analytical Chemistry II for Electrochemistry and Nanoscale Materials”.
Furthermore, we are happy to welcome Julia Linnemann as post-doc scientist in our group and wish her all the best and hope for good collaboration.
29. May 2018

Kristina Tschulik receives Hellmuth-Fischer medal

Kristina Tschulik receives Hellmuth-Fischer medalKristina Tschulik received the Hellmuth-Fischer medal of DECHEMA Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V. for her work in electrochemistry, corrosion and corrosion protection.
The ceremony took place in the context of the Fischer Symposium in Kloster Seeon.
For more information visit the news.rub page.
27. May 2018

International Fischer Symposium – Kloster Seeon

Kloster Seeon - Foto from Wikipedia User Schmidti under CC-licenseFrom May 27th to 31th the international Fischer Symposium is taking place in Seeon. From our group Kevin Wonner, Niclas Blanc and Kristina Tschulik are there, presenting posters with their recent research.
Main topics of the conference are:
  • interface structure and dynamics
  • electrocatalysis
  • electrodeposition of nanomaterials
  • functionalized electrodes
  • electrochemical nanostructuring
  • new methods for nanoscale studies

23. April 2018

Open positions

Currently, there are open positions in our group in the project of “Confinement-controlled Chemistry”.
Projects B2 (Altered Electrochemistry in 0D Confinement) and B3 (Altered Electrochemistry in 1D Confinement) ar available in this working group.
You can find detailed information about the projects and the aplication on the homepage of the Gradiertenkolleg.
26. March 2018

COST e-MINDS Training School in Hungary

e-MINDSFrom March 26th to 30th Christian and Markus will travel to Siofok – Hungary to attend the third COST e-MINDS Training School. Despite the talks and presentations of the other participants these are the three main topics:
  • Organic and bio-organic functionalization of electrodes
  • Deposition modes and bath formulation
  • Numerical simulations in electrochemistry

5. March 2018

Mathies research visit in Moscow

Group event - Shushi Mathies Evers will spend the next three month at Skoltech Institute of Science and Technology in Moscow.
For saying goodbye we went to a shushi restaurant together.
14. December 2017

Saws research visit in Zürich

Saw in the snow En Ning Saw will spend the next three month at the ETH Zürich in the working group of Dr. Salvador Pané i Vidal for a research visit. Our group used the current weather in Bochum to prepare him for the temperatures in switzerland.
3. November 2017

New Website

We rebuilt and redesigned our website so that it is now a responsive design which can be displayed on mobile devices.
We apologize for possible bugs or problems with the new site and are happy to receive your feedback or bug reports to the contact address.
24. October 2017

COST e-MINDS Workshop – Barcelona, Spain

e-MINDS By participation in the COST e-MINDS workshops at the “Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona” from October 25th to 27th, interesting insights into the research of other working groups could be gained. Additionally the networking between the international participants was in focus of the workshop.
10. May 2017

Kristina Tschulik receives an invited guest professorship of Université Paris Diderot

This allows her to join the ITODYS laboratory for 6 weeks, experience the vibrant electrochemistry community in Paris and visit the many world-leading electrochemistry research groups located in and around Paris. Université Paris Diderot
20. October 2016

Kristina Tschulik receives Joachim-Walther-Schultze Prize

Kristina Tschulik Nanoparticles can be the key to sustainable energy technologies. These are investigated by Kristina Tschulik. She has been awarded for her work. Read more in the news section of the Ruhr-University Bochum: RUB-Forscherin erhält Joachim-Walther-Schultze-Preis
12. March 2016

Moving to the ZEMOS

The new laboratories

We moved to the new ZEMOS, the Center for Solvation Science!
In this building, researchers are dedicated to understanding and exploiting solvation in chemical processes, connecting solvation dynamics with biomolecular function, and studying the ion solvation and charge transfer at interfaces. Here you can see the first impressions.

New laboratories Laboratories The new office area
12. October 2015

Paper of the Month Award

Coverpicture Paper of the Month The paper “Magnetic control: Switchable ultrahigh magnetic gradients at Fe3O4 nanoparticles to enhance solution-phase mass transport” by K. Ngamchuea, K. Tschulik*, und R. G. Compton* was selected by the journal Nano Research as the Paper of the Month.
12. September 2015

New Scholars

Picture of the new PhD students

We would like to congratulate our PhD students En Ning Saw and Abdelilah El-Arrassi on each winning a scholarship! En Ning Saw is now a scholar of the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV in which scientists investigate solvation at a fundamental level of chemistry, physics and engineering. Abdelilah El-Arrassi became a scholar of the Avicenna Studienwerk, which funds outstandingly talented and socially engaged muslim students in all fields of studies.

1. September 2015

September 2015 – Start in Bochum

Symbolic picture of RUB Kristina Tschulik moves from Oxford Universitsy to the RUB where she holds the “Junior Professship for Micro-/Nano-Electrochemistry”.